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The ButcherWatch Trilogy

The day before Christmas Eve 2011 (Christmas Eve Eve) something truly remarkable happened. I was walking past my local butchers and I noticed a sign that said, “WE ARE OPEN AT 6 A.M ON CHRISTMAS EVE.” I read the sign again because I was sure that what I saw first time was a trick of the light. But it wasn’t, the butchers really was going to open at 6 a.m.

For some reason I found this ridiculous. I mean Christmas is a busy time for people, I grant that, but who in their right minds would be up and about at dawn to buy meat? Even if you do have children and lots to do there really is no excuse for this sort of insanity. But the insanity fascinated me. So much did it fascinate me that I decided I needed to witness it all for myself.

So at 5.50 a.m on Christmas Eve I was outside that deranged butchers with my video camera (phone) in hand. Over a period of 3 years, this is what I saw.

ButcherWatch - Season 1, 2011

ButcherWatch - Season 2, 2012

ButcherWatch - Season 3, 2013

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