24 Things to do if You're Bored

1. Sunbathe

2. Check out the view

3. Devise a World War 2 themed menu

4. Search for hovercrafts with levitating lorries poking out

5. Go to a show

6. Buy something useful

7. Chill for a bit

8. Relax and take in a nice view

9. State the obvious

10. Put all of your Hula Hoops into glasses and mugs

11. Imagine

12. Open a Restaurant named after a film

13. Design your own t-shirt

14. Enter an exciting tombola

15. Turn your van into a castle

16. Video naked bike riders

17. Write a book

18. Open a shop that refuses to let Jeremy Clarkson in

19. Read a good book

20. Buy a nice plate

21. Get away from it all at a local beauty spot

22. Learn to spell

23. Join a class

24. Buy a plastic dog just to confuse other dogs