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How Did You Do It?

We drove all 2000 miles of it. Initially we wanted to hire a new car, but when we realised that would cost the same as a 10-day holiday in The Canary Islands we decided to use our own old car instead.  


You can see from the map below why this trip ate up over 2000 miles. The UK’s nuclear power stations are dotted all over the country from Somerset up to near John o’ Groats. It was quite a mammoth undertaking.

And this route wasn’t something that just happened - it had to be meticulously planned. Not only did we want to do things in a sensible order, but we had to be mindful of any Covid restrictions in place. In fact, the Covid restrictions, because they were changing weekly, meant that we couldn’t finalise our route until pretty much the day before we actually left. But we did it and no laws were broken.

The thing about driving over 2000 miles to look at a load of nuclear power stations is that you’re going to pass lots of other things that are nearly as interesting as the power stations themselves. Throw into the mix the days when you need a break from all that driving and that opened up opportunities for us to see many non nuclear things to. We’ve shared those in this project write-up too. After all, you can’t visit Agatha Christie’s grave and not tell people about it.

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